Korean No. 1 is Becoming No. 1 in Global Market

After 2019 Computex, Abkoncore Continues to Participate in ICT COOM in Vietnam.

Issue Date: 2019.06.7

ABKO is Korean IT company, mainly providing PC case and gaming peripherals.

With the title of its global brand Abkoncore, ABKO has successfully made the exhibition in 2019 Computex, Taipei and continued to participate in ICT COMM in Vietnam in order to focus on channels in South-East Asia.

ICT COMM, the largest event in the field of IT and Services of Telecommunications, has been held at SECC, Ho Chi Minh city from 6th to 8th, June.

ICT COMM, consist of three different themes—Gaming, ICT, and Telefilm, is not only an exhibition in which 5,000 participants from 13 different countries are participating but also business marketing hub that is drawing attention from potential domestic and international investors.

Vietnam is a rising market based upon a large scale of labor capacity and largest distribution hub. Due to the popularity of gaming contents, the sales in PC components is increasing in Vietnam.

ABKO has been participating in numerous global exhibition since 2016 and fulfilled substantial achievement. In 2019, ABKO is also joining in 2019 Global Sources Consumer Electronics in HK, Computex in Taipei and ICT COMM in Vietnam, displaying new products. Its reputation has been made throughout global markets, “Abkoncore.”

Most of international buyers expressed their satisfaction on the quality and the price of Abkoncore products in comparison with the products in the US or European brands.

Abkoncore is in SECC Q25-26 in ICT COMM with the largest number of products such as computer case and gaming peripherals.

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Abkoncore Booth #Q25-26 in SECC

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Abkoncore Booth #Q25-26 in SECC

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Abkoncore Product Lineup

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Abkoncore Gaming Peripherals

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Product Modding, Abkoncore Helios 500G