ABKO, a provider of high-performance PC tuning components in Korea, has launched its global brand ‘ABKONCORE.’ To build a strong foundation in the global PC hardware market, ABKONCORE is going to receive strategic support in public relations activity from SPIRE, a leading premium brand for computer components in the Netherlands.

With its own brand, ABKO is No.1 in its domestic market. It has dominated the Korean PC case and gaming peripheral market up to almost 70% of market share. SPIRE will form a partnership with ABKO to further strengthen ABKONCORE’s brand identity and its distribution in the European and Latin American market.

SPIRE, founded in 1998 in the Netherlands, has a full capacity to meet the requirements and demands of the global market. Its sales offices are strategically located in Europe and Brazil to provide better services to customers and partners.

ABKONCORE has already participated in global events such as the Hong Kong Global Source, Taiwan Computex and Vietnam ICT COMM several times and it has made the ABKONCORE brand one of the most desired PC hardware products among international buyers. ABKONCORE exports its high-end PC cases, fans and peripherals to America, Asia, and Europe. Furthermore, it is launching high-end products in the USA online market through platforms such as New Egg and Amazon, and expanding it to Japanese market as well.

“ABKONCORE is building a global connection to expand its business to Europe and Latin America” Said Emma, Overseas Sales Director, ABKONCORE. “Our main point is to make a credible, high-quality brand so that ABKONCORE can be recognized as a worldwide provider of high-performance PC hardware components.”

“We are pleased to sign the agreement of representation with ABKONCORE.” Said Rolf Borrenbergs, VP Sales, SPIRE. “With the professional PC gaming lineup that ABKONCORE have developed over the years we can introduce a wider scale of products for our partner distributors to grow their business.”

ABKONCORE’s collaboration with SPIRE will spark the interest of consumers in Europe and Latin America. Members of ABKONCORE are going to continuously inspire themselves to grip the attention of global customers.

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